AI meets Pop Music


Popgun is using Deep Learning to develop an Artificial Intelligence that can create awesome new pop songs.

Popgun was founded in January 2016 and participated in the inaugural Techstars Music program in Los Angeles.

In 2017 we have been busy developing our core technology which we plan to unleash on the music world in 2018.

If you’re interested in joining us or hearing more, get in touch at


Stephen Phillips is a software engineer with decades of entrepreneurial experience. Stephen was leader of the popular music site WeAreHunted which sold to Twitter in 2012. He worked at Twitter until 2015 when he moved back to Australia and began work on Popgun. Stephen is @mawsonguy on Twitter.

Adam Hibble is an experienced software engineer with a passion for Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Adam leads our engineering team and is responsible for developing the Popgun platform and recruiting a world-class technical team. Adam is @algomancer on Twitter.

Popgun has assembled an awesome machine learning group who are fast becoming the strongest AI team in music.

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